All-Inclusive POS Software Solutions for Retail and Restaurants

Merchant World POS is one of the most comprehensive POS software solutions for retail establishments and restaurants, providing owners everything they need to grow and expand their business.

Every Tool and Feature Your Business Needs To Function

Merchant World POS makes the act of satisfying and selling to your customers easier than ever.

  • Applicable on all Devices

    POS machines, tablets, smartphones, and more

  • Offline Functionality

    Will continue working perfectly even when the internet goes down

  • Data and Analytics

    Customized data reports to maximize your store performance

  • Integrated Payments

    Offer all the payment options your customers might need

  • Inventory

    Manage product inventory and prevent possible profit loss from stock shortages with inventory tracking features

  • Loyalty Programs

    Keep customers returning with Merchant World POS Loyalty program, which automatically adds new customers

  • Central Control

    Manage all stores with ease from a single central hub, even as you add more outlets and locations

  • Online Orders

    Merchant World POS allows for online ordering through both web browser and app

Simplify business operations of your retail establishment or restaurant with Merchant World POS

Merchant World POS guarantees that you and your team can track performance, satisfy customers, and manage the business with less time and work than ever before.

More profit, more fun

Merchant World POS comes with all the tools you need to get the most out of every customer, while making the customer experience better than ever. Sell to and satisfy your customers while re-targeting them with your own reward points. Merchant World POS will give you access to the real time data you need to see to maximize your business performance.

  • Data and Analytics

    Our reports are customizable to your exact needs. Find out your best-selling products, your most productive salesmen and saleswomen, and see which store is performing best. Pinpoint the exact problems that need immediate attention.

  • Customer Management

    Know your customers intimately by recording the information they give you with Merchant World POS, storing in an accessible and easy-to-read way. Stay in touch with your most important customers through texts and emails.

  • Remote Handling

    No matter where you are, Merchant World POS lets you manage your business as if you were there in person. Track inventory, sales, customer purchases, and more — all in real-time, from over the internet.

  • Universal Compatibility

    No matter what devices your business uses, Merchant World POS works flawlessly. Integrate Merchant World POS with your tablets, smartphones, laptops, computers, as well as scanners, printers, and other POS devices.

Supporting All Leading Hardware

Merchant World POS doesn’t lock you into a specific set of hardware devices like other point of sale systems. We understand that businesses have their preferred hardware for their budget and needs, which is why Merchant World POS supports a wide range of leading devices.

  • Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Cash Drawers
  • RFID Readers
  • Payment Terminals
  • Customer Displays

Everything your business needs to reach its potential

Merchant World POS is your all-feature tool for business growth and expansion: profit summaries and business reports accessible wherever you have internet, with mobile dashboard apps that work perfectly with all leading operating systems.

Stay compliant at all times with Merchant World POS, a tool that will keep your business clean, from reconciliation to data entry, accounts management and tax.

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